World Cleanup Day is the largest one-day peacetime civic action against waste aiming to raise awareness of the global mismanaged waste crisis and its impact on the environment.

This year we spread awareness through our campaign ‘ Fugitive’ that focuses on Cigarette Butt litter. Follow us on our social media pages and be part of the movement!

Through our campaigns we intend to create change in society by:
• Promoting change in individual behaviour
• Creating awareness of trash around us
• Diverting civil society’s and governments attention to this crisis

Join World Cleanup Day 2020!

World Cleanup Day is a global event like no other. There is only one thing that unites every individual and every sector of society – our common home, the planet Earth.

Are you an individual, a group, an organisation or a company? You are all welcome to participate in World Cleanup Day 2020!

Stay tuned to our social media pages to Sign up for our virtual events this year!