Lets do it India

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is the flagship program of LDII. Since 2016, when the first cleanup action took place, followed by 2017-2022. India marked history as the leading country for the most considerable clean-up in the world.
The ‘Let’s Do It India Theory of Change’ defines the vision of our organisation and maps out the critical path and preconditions to achieve it. We can accomplish this by acting as a catalyst for systemic change, engaging all three sectors of society — civic, public and private. All three industries must take a role in creating the necessary
changes in society. People have to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, businesses have to implement circular and regenerative business models, and governments must adopt supportive and nudging legislation for a circular and regenerative economy.

World cleanup day
world cleanup day
world cleanup day

Our team, comprising highly educated and specialist individuals, has been working on several projects concerning education, environmental concerns and public hygiene. One of our flagship projects is ‘World Cleanup Day, held annually, where we engage people from a wide range of backgrounds to raise awareness about the environmental concerns being faced by contemporary society, as well as the hygiene related problems arising out of it.

world cleanup day
world cleanup day

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