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(a). Let’s do it, India, working on what impact Climate change has on health, organising an International Workshop with the UN on the 8th of January 2022 at India International Centre, New Delhi, with significant stakeholders. Climate change is a global phenomenon, but it is people and communities at the local level that experience its consequences. Climate change exacerbates local and international health inequities because some people and communities bear an unfair burden of these health harms, including low-income communities, communities of colour, native and tribal communities, the very young and very old, and those with chronic illnesses. This Section provides an overview of the health impacts of climate change.

(b). The UN habitat collaborated with LDII for WASTE WISE CITY PROGRAM for the Cigarette Buts Campaign “Fugitive”. Let’s Do It India (LDII) has worked toward educating people on this kind of waste and also encourages people to collect and donate their cigarette butts to the organisation for recycling purposes.

lets do it India

(c). An estimated 6 trillion cigarette butts are produced each year globally, making them the planet’s most pervasive form of plastic pollution. Dropping butts is socially accepted in most of the world, but they cause severe damage to the environment. Most cigarette butts contain a filter made of cellulose acetate fibre, a type of plastic. LDII has been working extensively on bringing change. The campaign witnessed widespread awareness and impact throughout the country, covering over 28 states and six union territories. Leaving its mark at over 8.64k plus locations, the drive had 5.82 plus lakh people joining in for the cause. The non-profit label collected 120 plus tonnes of total waste, which accounted for over one lakh cigarette butts. Targets to collect about one crore cigarette butts (3 tonnes approx) by the end of 2021.