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Join the biggest one-day civic action
against waste in human history

Join millions of volunteers in more than 150 countries to clean up
the world in one day!

Register your World Cleanup Day 2019 cleanup

If you organised a cleanup on World Cleanup Day 19 September 2020 and you were not asked any participants numbers, please let us know and register your event here:

Organise your own cleanup!

Next World Cleanup Day is on 19 September 2020. But it doesn’t mean that you have to wait until that date. Nature needs cleanups more than just once a year. Organize your own cleanup with the help of friends, family, colleagues or neighbours and register your event.

Please find a toolkit to organize a cleanup in your country.
Here is some helpful material for waste sorting if you are planning a bigger cleanup.
Safety first. Please download your safety instructions.

Become a partner and supporter

World Cleanup Day is a big collaboration project – only together can we make our world clean again! Everyone can give the resources they have – from two hands to pick up a piece of waste to bags, gloves and other resources.
If you are operating in one state, please contact our State Representative.
If you are national partner and operating in many states, please contact Let's Do It! India HQ.
Please find a short guideline how to join as a partner.

Start mapping trash

Without knowing where the waste is and what quantities are involved, it will be very difficult to plan the resources for World Cleanup Day. Help to map the waste and create the world’s ugliest Waste Map! Download the TrashOut application and map the unwanted trash in your area. See how to start here.

Spread the word

Make this the biggest civic action in history by sharing our message.
You can find all the marketing materials from LDIW mediabank.

Help Build the Movement

By donating to us you’ll join Let’s Do It India in protecting our planet and finding solutions to waste management. You’ll enable us to organise cleanup activities, investigate, campaign, and lobby for sustainable development for everyone. With your help, we’ll be able to raise awareness on cleanups and various activities needed to protect Earth.