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Blue Initiatives

Blue Initiatives -Lets do it India

Blue Initiatives is a novel endeavor by Let’s Do It, India, towards some basic and applied efforts for conserving the blue planet – Our Own Earth by sound and sustainable traditional, indigenous and scientific approaches.

Our home “planet, earth”, comprises ~71% of water. Its presence makes it a particular planet among the rest of the solar system. Hence can be judiciously called ‘Blue Planet’. Water is the blood of the earth, rivers are its veins, and the forest is the lungs which sustain life on earth. The anthropogenic intervention has an irreversible bearing on the climate and, after that, on another system, thus endangering all life forms, including humans. The blue initiative endeavours to conserve the blue planet through sound traditional, indigenous and scientific practices. Also, we are committed to constantly keeping abreast with the latest scientific trends and improvising them to fit regional setups.

Blue Initiative - Lets do it India

Ben (Benoit) Lecomte
Director Blue Initiatives
Advocate- Adventure- Associate
Director of Sustainability Service Practice