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Let’s do it India (LDII) foundation is the Indian chapter of let’s do it world NGO. LDII is a section 8 non profit company registered under India’s company act with required 12A and 80G tax benefits certification.
We work to bring positive changes in society, in order to create a better future for the World and the people who inhabit it. Our projects encompass a wide range of spheres such as education, environment, healthcare, human resource development, etc. We believe that true change could be brought only by engaging every section and sector of the society. Whether it is the students or working people, teachers or filmmakers, technicians or philosophers, youth or elderly, success will be achieved only when we all work in unison, contributing in our own ways, to one grand objective of a better tomorrow. Basically we work in community building for a better world.
The ‘Let’s Do It India Theory of Change’ defines the vision of our organisation and maps out the necessary path and preconditions to achieve it. We can achieve this by acting as a catalyst for systemic change, engaging all three sectors of society — civic, public and private. All three sectors must take a role in creating the necessary changes in society. People have to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, businesses have to implement circular and regenerative business models and governments need to adopt supportive and nudging legislation for a circular and regenerative economy. Our team, comprising of highly educated and specialist individuals, has been working on several projects concerning education, environmental concerns and public hygiene. One of our flagship projects is the ‘World Cleanup Day’, held annually, where we engage people from wide range of backgrounds to raise awareness about the environmental concerns being faced by contemporary society, as well as the hygiene related problems arising out of it


Board Member of Lets Do It India

Founder, Let's Do It India

Ashok Singh

Country Leader, Let’s Do It India

Pradeep Singh

National Leader, Let’s Do It India

Amit Kumar

Director of Projects & Communication

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