World Cleanup Day 2020: Campaign launched to manage litter caused by cigarette butts


Let’s Do It India (LDII) is working towards educating people on this kind of waste and also encourages people to collect and donate their cigarette buttsto the organization for recycle purposes.

Let’s Do It India, the Indian subdivision of ‘Let’s Do It World’ organisation, that aims to instil a lasting change in the way solid waste is dumped in India and is relentlessly addressing the need to promote a greater understanding between people and the environment.

This world clean-up day, the organisation wanted to highlight the soaring issue of cigarette butt litter and thus launched The Fugitive. The campaign aims to stir awareness around the severe environmental impact of cigarette butts while shifting behaviours to regulate butt litter.

The campaign and efforts of Let’s Do It India are supported by a number of names in the market, including Skillex, an educational platform that focuses on the timeless skills that make the world work. Skillex based out of Estonia is not only the campaign’s power sponsor but has also been passionately encouraging the purpose and vision of LDII.

The Not-for profit in collaboration with Tiffin Talks organised a webinar on 19 September 2020 which is also observed as the World Clean-up Day. The discussion with some eminent panelists hovered around the intensity of toxicity created by cigarette butts and ways to dispose them in a responsible manner.

Hindustan Times

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