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Let’s do it, India is the International Organization  Founded by Prof. Pankaj Choudhary, in 2016 has 22 Lakhs active volunteers all across the country, which brings positive social changes to create a better future for the world and the people who inhabit it through Environmental protection campaigns and initiatives that encompass a wide range and space such as-

Our Reach in 2022

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Congratulation India Delegation

Let’s Do It India Foundation congratulates the newly selected Professional Fellows program funded by U.S. Department of States (@statedept ) for the summer program. The Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is a two-way, global exchange program designed to promote mutual understanding, enhance leadership and professional skills, and build lasting, sustainable partnerships between mid-level emerging leaders from India and the United States. All of them would be placed in intensive 5-6 week fellowships in government offices across the United States for an individually tailored professional development experience.

A class 12 student of The Shri Ram School, Aravali, Aditya Kapur is a passionate environmentalist who has been spreading awareness of the dire need to conserve water. Aditya recently published a project report named ‘A Step Towards Water Neutrality’, which is an analysis of the projects he has completed over the past three years in the field of water conservation.

From implementing systems that conserve and recycle the dejected RO water to building Rainwater Harvesting systems in Police Stations, Aditya has built a community of passionate water warriors.

Aditya continues his efforts in educating the youth and creating innovative solutions to conserve water, with the ultimate goal of making India a water-positive country!


Sectors, We Are Working With

Education Sector

Let’s Do It India is developing and implementing an Environmental Education Project in Indian communities and schools aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Governance Sector

LDII has partnered with the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India. It has also got appreciation from the Ministry of Environment,
Government of India.

Health and Wellness sector

An estimated 6 trillion cigarette butts are produced each year globally, making them the planet’s most pervasive form of plastic pollution. Dropping butts is socially accepted in most of the world, but they cause severe damage to the environment.

Cleanup Activity Sector

World Cleanup Day is the flagship program of LDII. Since 2016, when the first cleanup action took place, followed by 2017-2022. India marked history as the leading country for the most considerable clean-up in the world.

Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Sector

Let’s do it in India
with the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Madagascar promoting Sustainable
Tourism and infrastructure and signing a Memorandum of understanding for promoting
environmentally sustainable tourism and cultural ties, and sending seven delegates to Diego and Nosy Be in Madagascar.

Professional Fellows Program

Blue Initiatives is a novel endeavor by Let’s Do It, India, towards some basic and applied efforts for conserving the blue planet – Our Own Earth by sound and sustainable traditional, indigenous and scientific approaches


People world-wide want to change the global waste situation. For us, World Cleanup Day is the beginning of a much wider process. So, we’re working on two big projects with more long-term impacts too – the Keep It Clean Plan, and the World Waste Platform.


Blue Initiatives is a novel endeavour towards some basic and applied efforts for the conservation of the blue planet – Our Own Earth by sound and sustainable traditional, indigenous and scientific approaches.

How We’re Making A Difference

We work to bring positive changes in society, in order to create a better future for the World and the people who inhabit it. Our projects encompass a wide range of spheres such as education, environment, healthcare, human resource development, etc. We believe that true change could be brought only by engaging every section and sector of the society. Whether it is the students or working people, teachers or filmmakers, technicians or philosophers, youth or elderly, success will be achieved only when we all work in unison, contributing in our own ways, to one grand objective of a better tomorrow. Basically we work in community building for a better world.

Blue Initiative

World Cleanup Day is the largest one-day peacetime civic action against waste aiming to raise awareness of the global mismanaged waste crisis and its impact on the environment.

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is the largest one-day peacetime civic action against waste aiming to raise awareness of the global mismanaged waste crisis and its impact on the environment.

Leaders Acedemy

Leaders Academies provide future leaders with knowledge & skills, networking, awareness about resource management, shared values, personal growth and other important skills and knowledge necessary to succeed as an effective leader.


Prof. Pankaj Choudhary was invited as keynote speaker on Circular Economy: Needs and Opportunities at Caspian Week. World Economic Forum 2020, at Davos, Switzerland.


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Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve been able to make a huge impact by protecting our oceans and empowering over 500,000 youth across the world to become ocean heroes.


Lets do it India

Helping Today. Helping Tomorrow

To complete one of the most ambitious engineering projects of this generation, we seek dedicated, focused and inventive minds to join our international team.